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‘Gossip Girl’ Hits Japan, We Hit the Beach

Gossip Girl Billboard Shibuya Tokyo

Photo: Sophie Donelson

A Daily Intel spy was visiting Tokyo recently and happened across this incredibly brilliant billboard, in Shibuya. We got a crack Japanese translator on the job, and it turns out it’s an advertisement for JJ Magazine, which is just the rag for a Gossip Girl kind of gal. (Assuming, of course, you don’t subscribe to New York.) This can only mean one thing: One day there might be a Japanese Gossip Girl! Can you imagine Harajuku Blair? We’re dying.

On that note, we’re off. Daily Intel is going to take a brief hiatus with our suntan lotion and smelling salts, until after Memorial Day. We just have a few more days to enjoy the Gossip Girl episodes left on our DVRs (they’re getting swallowed up, as always, by a never-ending stream of Law & Order: SVU), and we want to focus. Like a hibernating bear, we’ve got to store up for the long off-season, so we can go out and devour the show again upon its return. See you Tuesday!

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‘Gossip Girl’ Hits Japan, We Hit the Beach