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High Noon for Vito Fossella?

Vito Fossella

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When Vito Fossella was pulled over for drunk driving in Virginia, we thought it would just be another bump in his slightly rocky career road. But we (and we imagine probably he as well) were not anticipating the rapid unraveling that it would spark in his political and personal life. What’s falling apart? Well, according to the Post and the Daily News, everything! His wife may leave him if allegations that he has a love child (sparked after he told police he was driving to see his “sick daughter” when he was arrested) prove to be true, reports the Post. And his political career will probably be scuppered, GOP sources tell the News, especially if he has to serve time in jail. His life is basically over! Never mind the fact that first-time drunk-driving offenses only usually require paying a fine and relinquishing your license in Virginia, and there’s no real evidence of a love child. It’s all over, you hear? Over!

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High Noon for Vito Fossella?