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Hillary Clinton Will Never Forgive Paterson for This One


If David Paterson could see the look Hilary Clinton was giving him right now, he’d turn to ash.Photo: Getty Images

Accidental governor David Paterson probably shouldn’t have started giving interviews so soon after rolling out of his sick bed. The Accidental Governor and formerly avid Hillary Clinton supporter slipped into the past tense when talking to Albany’s WAMC-FM about the New York senator’s chances for winning the presidential nomination. “I thought she was the best candidate. And I also thought she had the best chance of winning,” he said. “I would say that, at this point, we’re starting to see a little, you know, desperation on the part of a woman who I supported.” Then he recovered himself: “And a woman who I’ll support until whatever time she makes a different determination.” Awkward. Not just because Paterson is a superdelegate and one of Hillary Clinton’s highest-profile black supporters and she totally needs him. A man should never call a woman “desperate.” It’s almost as bad as calling her fat.

Paterson Slips Into Past Tense on Clinton [City Room/NYT]

Hillary Clinton Will Never Forgive Paterson for This One