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Is Delta-Suing Dad a Jerk, or a Voice of the People?


Photo: NYpost

You’ll never believe what happened to Scarsdale lawyer Richard Roth on his family vacation to Argentina. First of all, his Delta flight was delayed. Then a stewardess named Britney was rude to him. And then! Delta lost his family’s luggage. So he’s suing the airline for a million dollars, claiming “emotional distress” among other things. “It was the most outrageous experience of my life,” Roth said. Like you, our first reaction to this story was to roll our eyes and make the double-dong motion with our hands, because Roth is obviously kind of a jerk. Honestly: Rudeness? Lost luggage? Delays? That’s happened to us every time we’ve flown Delta. Every time we’ve flown in the past few years, it’s really par for the course actually … wait a second.

How did we become so inured to Delta’s terrible behavior? It is not okay that they kept us on the runway for two hours with no explanation the last time we flew! It is not okay that the pilot does not address the plane when there’s really bad turbulence! Maybe Richard Roth is right! Maybe he is not a total jerkoff but a spokesperson for all people who want the skies they fly to be friendly! “I’m a litigator and I sue people very easily, but I didn’t want to sue,” he explained to the Daily News. “I tried really hard not to sue them.” Okay, so he’s still kind of a jerk.

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Is Delta-Suing Dad a Jerk, or a Voice of the People?