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Ivanka Trump on How to Spot a Frenemy


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George Wayne has a Q&A with Ivanka Trump on the Vanity Fair Website, and it sucks. Seriously. As G.W. himself might have once said, it is a stunning example of the art of celebrity analingus. George has known Ivanka since she was 14, and apparently this has given him a case of the Soon-Yis. He’s all, “I’m so proud of you, ‘Vanka’” and “I’m so impressed by you, ‘Vanka” and “You are so perfect, ‘Vanka!” Yeah. He really put the screws to her, all right. However! There is one redeeming factor.

Ivanka the Wise offers three tips on how to spot a frenemy, which, as the hot daughter of a rich New Yorker, we have to assume is a subject she knows well. Therefore, we have put said tips into bullet form for easy reference for the common man.

• Never allow yourself to be used.
• Make sure not to surround yourself with people whose only interest is what you can do for them.
• Be generous with your friends but not in a way where they are living off of you. Another sign to watch for is insincerity. Watch the way they react and treat you, and then watch the way they react and treat people they probably consider not as important as you. Duplicity is a key sign of the frenemy.

Oh, Ivanka is totally the new Machiavelli. Clip and save, kids!

Not Just the Boss’s Daughter [VF]

Ivanka Trump on How to Spot a Frenemy