James Frey Presses Our Buttons


Photo: Getty Images

Fake memoirist and real dickbag James Frey claimed that “writer’s block is for chumps” at a reading at the Blender Theater. America’s Next Top Model winner Caridee English dropped her boyfriend for Tyson Beckford after her ex stole $10,000 out of her bank account. Eliot Spitzer is planning on refunding the $2.9 million he drummed up from donors for his 2010 campaign. Madison Square Garden security guards threw out stylist Philip Bloch for talking to a bunch of pot-smoking teenagers at the Kanye West show on Tuesday. Arthur Sulzberger Jr. has moved into residential hotel the Philips Club after splitting with wife Gail Gregg.

Barack Obama won a mock election at the premiere of Recount, a movie about the 2000 election-debacle in Florida, which even Republicans seem to think is fair. Michael Moore is getting $20 million up front for his Fahrenheit 9/11 sequel, even though it’ll only cost him $7 million to make. The exec producer of NBC’s Today is pissed off at the exec producer of NBC’s Access Hollywood because Access Hollywood ended up airing confirmation of Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy that Today had gotten. Michelle Trachtenberg, a.k.a. Gossip Girl’s Georgina Sparks, fainted in the middle of a party she was hosting at the new Sunglass Hut store in Soho. Observer scribe George Gurley celebrated his 40th-birthday party at the Beatrice Inn. NYU president John Sexton mispronounced New York Giant Michael Strahan’s name twice while presenting him with an award at graduation. Cindy Adams goes to bat for her friend, potty-mouthed anchor Sue Simmons.

James Frey Presses Our Buttons