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Jenna: A Bush Everyone Can Smile About

Jenna Bush Wedding Photo

Photo: Getty Images

We’ll be honest. For the past few months, we’ve been kind of mad at Jenna Bush.

Whether or not you like the current administration, you have to admit we’ve gone through some rough times with George Bush. Which is why we always thought it would be awesome for Jenna to get married at the White House. The whole country would have gotten in on the excitement: the flowers! The dress! The cake in the shape of the Washington Monument! The puking by cousin Chad in the Rose Garden! Honestly, we would die to get married on the South Lawn, and only two people in America have had the chance to do so for the last eight years. Throw us a bone, Jenna! Babs isn’t even engaged, so you were our only hope for the last decade. All weekend we were thinking: You robbed us, J-dawg.

But this morning we got up and saw all the pictures of Jenna and her new husband, Henry Hager, at the Crawford Ranch. Sure, the lake in the above photo is man-made, and yeah, it was 80 degrees down there over the weekend. But you can tell by the smile on her face that she wouldn’t have had it any other way. So, fine. Congratulations, Jenna — you look lovely. And if you see Meghan McCain, let her know the pressure is on.

Jenna: A Bush Everyone Can Smile About