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JPMorgan Will Take On Half of Bear Stearns Staff


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• The SEC might still want to take down Maurice Greenberg. A.I.G.’s former chief may face civil charges for his alleged role in an effort to improperly boost the insurer’s financials. [NYT]
• You could look at it like JPMorgan is keeping 45 percent of Bear Stearns staff. The rest of Bear’s employees are apparently hoarding Bear merchandise, probably in hopes of selling it on eBay. [Business Week, NYP]
• Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo had an e-mail malfunction and apparently called a consumer writing nicely to him for help with one of his crappy mortgages “disgusting” to his face. [Gawker]

• Lawyers from New York City law firms are banding together with Wall Street to save Darfur. [WSJ]
• Meanwhile, attorneys at Bewey & LeBoeuf are donating money that will go toward relief in China and Myanmar. [Above the Law]
• Lawyers offer handy advice on what to do when you’re caught dodging taxes with an offshore account. [WSJ]

• Caroline Marks, who was at the top of Comcast’s Ziddio, has been tapped to run the Tina Brown–Barry Diller venture. [All Things Digital]
People is pushing up its editorial deadline by twelve hours because of … rising gas prices? [NYP]
• Barack Obama says that media consolidation would be a target of his administration if he’s elected to the White House. [Deal]

• The Lower East Side is an endangered species! [NYT]
JFK’s Terminal 7 is going upscale. [Crain’s NY]
• Some say that foreign investors are pulling back from investing in New York City real estate. Meanwhile, Middle Eastern investors are trying to strike a deal to buy the General Motors building. [NYT, WSJ]

JPMorgan Will Take On Half of Bear Stearns Staff