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Jump Pad Inflated Outside Halfway House in Boerum Hill (Updated)


Photo: Felipe Ossa

This photo was taken at the intersection of State Street and Nevins Street in Brooklyn less than an hour ago. The police vans you can see are gathered around the halfway house in Boerum Hill at that location, where someone (it’s unknown exactly who) is threatening to jump off the roof of the building. In the lower portion of the photo, you can see the inflatable jump pillow, which we’re not sure we’ve ever seen in use, but suddenly looks a lot less fun than it did in The Game. We’ll keep you posted if we hear more.

Update: The netting you can see over the windows in this picture was apparently set up to prevent a man from jumping out of them (he wasn’t on the roof after all). Reports an eye witness: “Nobody jumped. A small white guy was escorted out of the building and handcuffed.” Segments of the fence around the halfway house were sliced off to accommodate the jump pad, and are still left in the street.

Jump Pad Inflated Outside Halfway House in Boerum Hill (Updated)