Wait, Katie Couric Does Jeff Zucker’s Shopping for Him?

Jeff Zucker

Photo: Getty Images

Katie Couric hung out with NBC head Jeff Zucker, but not because she’s planning on returning to the network — because she sometimes runs errands for him. A four-bedroom house a few doors down from the Clinton abode in Chappaqua is on the market for $1.39 million, though someone may or may not have been murdered in it. Fabian Basabe was arrested for urinating in an alley behind an L.A. club. (His lawyer says he has a “bladder problem.”) Former Elle fashion director Nina Garcia is headed to Marie Claire. Cindy Adams has a bunch of quotes from people regarding their mothers.

Jeremy Piven and Pink were spotted getting “hot and heavy” on the dance floor at L.A. club Green Door. Mischa Barton says that a recent batch of photos that show her to have cellulite on her bottom and breasts are “doctored.” Samantha Power, the Obama adviser who called Hillary “a monster,” is engaged to University of Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein. Susan Cheever, daughter of John Cheever, is writing a book about sex addiction. Paramount president Brad Grey took Robert Downey Jr. out to Mr. Chow and tried to butter him up for Iron Man 2 . Hilary Duff thinks Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett are totally hot. Lindsay Lohan and Lauren Conrad did shots of tequila at Crown Lounge in L.A. Cameron Diaz’s maybe-boyfriend Gerard Butler politely turned away a flirtatious female fan. Alec Baldwin talks to 60 Minutes this Sunday about his political aspirations.

Wait, Katie Couric Does Jeff Zucker’s Shopping for Him?