Lindsay Lohan Is Getting a New Parent Figure!

Michael Lohan

Photo: Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan’s dad may be getting engaged soon. John Mayer hung out at Upstairs and Butter but didn’t hit on girls, maybe because he loves Jennifer Aniston. Some guy who claims to have slept with Madonna wasn’t allowed to smoke in Plumm. Keren Craig wants you to know that she’s a “co-founder” of clothing label Marchesa, not a co-designer. Veteran WINS newsman John Montone has a guest role in Grand Theft Auto IV. Barbara Walters knows how Katie Couric feels, because she, too, was once a (briefly) hated evening-news anchor.

Silda Spitzer uses her maiden name (Wall) for fancy parties. Times columnist Harry Hurt III and restaurateur Alison Becker are splitting up. James Van Der Beek sang a cappella in college. Steven Cojocaru is more popular in Canada than is Tim Gunn. New Jersey governor John Corzine’s girlfriend, Sharon Eighanayan, isn’t a doctor, though she was listed as one at a recent party. The guy who wrote Kids was formerly both a cobbler and a lawn mower. Chelsea Clinton and a guy friend went shopping in Nolita. The Duff sisters went to go see Grease.

Lindsay Lohan Is Getting a New Parent Figure!