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Matthew Settle Will Be Your Father Figure


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As you are no doubt aware, yesterday People magazine unveiled a set of photographs to the public, and not since Abu Ghraib — or at least the birth of Suri Cruise — has a set of photographs created such a stir. The slightly overexposed images, taken with a long-lens camera, clearly depicted a sight America was longing to see: Gossip Girl stars Penn Badgely and Blake Lively swimming, drinking frozen beverages, and totally making out. The two play a couple on the show but have been tediously denying dating in real life for months. Now, the evidence was now irrefutable! People triumphantly pointed it out to Gossip Girl co-star Matthew Settle last night, the day after thousands were killed in China. How did he think “America will react” to the startling photos? “I think people are going to love them as a couple,” replied Settle, who plays Rufus, Badgely’s father on the show. People pressed for more of his “fatherly insight.” “They’re a very hot couple,” he went on. “They look good together.” Ew, wait. “A hot couple”? They “look good together”? That is so not fatherly. That’s actually sort of … gross.

Gossip Girl’s TV Dad: Penn & Blake ‘Good for Each Other’ [People]

Matthew Settle Will Be Your Father Figure