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Mayor Bloomberg Straight Up Snaps at ‘Newsday’ Reporter

Today we watch two videos which we shall co-title White Men Getting Unnecessarily Angry for Our General Amusement. First, the normally staid Mayor Bloomberg gets all huffy while answering a question about Sean Bell at a recent press conference. As the Times once exhaustively noted, Bloomberg loves the word “unconscionable.” He is apparently less enthusiastic about the word “maintain,” judging by this exchange with Newsday reporter Michael Frazier:

Frazier says: “Mayor, you maintain that you kept a dialogue open with Sean Bell—”

Bloomberg, whose head had snapped up at the word maintain, interrupts: “‘Maintain’ is a word that I don’t think is appropriate, sir. The next time you have a question and want to insinuate that I lie, just talk to the press secretary. I don’t think we have a question for you.”

Boom! Well, ain’t that some ish. The second video is an instant Bill O’Reilly classic. The Fox News host gets downright stabby in this outtake, taken from a more follicle-abundant time back when he was at Inside Edition. Click through to watch him freak when the TelePrompTer craps out and the slow build begins until he finally explodes, “We’ll do it live! Fuck it! … Fucking thing sucks!” Then at the end you realize that it was a segment about Sting, which makes this all the more hilarious. —Noelle Hancock

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Mayor Bloomberg Straight Up Snaps at ‘Newsday’ Reporter