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Michael Lohan Would Never Speak to a Tabloid About His Family!


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We were busy scraping the crud off our grills and thus forgot to set our TiVos in preparation for last night’s big event: the premiere of Dina Lohan’s reality show, Living Lohan. But Lindsay’s estranged father, Michael Lohan, did see the show, and he blogged about it. Or he tried to. He maybe got a little overwhelmed by his feelings.

If I were to look at things from a wordly perspective, I would probably have a lot to say about exploitation, hypocrisy and even deception,” he wrote on OK! magazine’s Website this morning. But for now, he said, he was just going to keep it positive. “The most important thing is to set a good example by instilling positive values, and doing what’s right for the kid’s sake,” he finished. Classy, right? Michael is apparently really turning over a new leaf, because he echoed the same sentiments in an interview with Us Weekly that ran this morning. “Maybe [Lindsay’s] mother’s life revolves around the tabloids and reports, but mine doesn’t,” he said, after he apparently confirmed to the tabloid that Lindsay and Samantha Ronson are lesbians and that their relationship “is evident to anyone with half a brain”: “I am into setting a good example and doing good things that don’t deceive or exploit my kids,” he said again. We can totally see that! Then this afternoon he talked to OK! again and denied the lesbian thing he had said to Us. Apparently the quote Us printed was result of “some evil person spreading a vicious rumor to try to hurt my relationship with my daughter.” We bet there is an evil person. Like Bob from Twin Peaks. Spooky. Well, we’re glad Lindsay has at least one parent out there who’s protecting her by setting a good example and not taking advantage of her by talking to tabloids every five minutes.

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Michael Lohan Would Never Speak to a Tabloid About His Family!