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Michelle Trachtenberg Blogs, Shills


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Michelle Trachtenberg, method actress, has many skills up her sleeve. Not only is she totally awesome on Gossip Girl (we, regrettably, mean that sincerely), but she also has her own jewelry line, and she blogs. The Ice Princess star tells us about life on the set of GG in her latest Cosmo update. Here’s what her schedule is like:

Here at Gossip Girl, when we’re not shooting nights, we can get picked up as early as 4:30 a.m. It’s still dark out!! I’ll get to set around 5 a.m, and go right into the makeup and hair chair to get started on getting camera-ready. Rehearsals are called for 6 a.m., when the rest of the crew gets to work. After rehearsals I pop back into hair and makeup to get the final touches done, lips glossed and curls perfected. Finally I get into my wardrobe, run to set, and the cameras start rolling!! We’ll shoot for 6 hours before breaking for lunch. After lunch we will shoot for another 6-8 hours. It takes 8 days just to film one episode, sometimes a bit longer. Basically, we work our butts off to give you guys the best show we possibly can!

Wait, don’t work your entire butts off! At least not Chace’s! We like some cheek we can freak, people. Anyway, we know Michelle can act, and we now know she can blog — but how do we know she makes jewelry, you might ask? Because she relentlessly shills her line of necklaces on the blog. Come on, Michelle, even Georgina was more subtle about her desperation.

Celeb Blog: Michelle Trachtenberg [Cosmo]

Michelle Trachtenberg Blogs, Shills