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Follow the Arrows of Light to the Brooklyn Bridge (or, Um, Get Lost and Mugged)

Arrows of Light

Photo: McBrooklyn

Astoria: Quadruple-strength cuteness alert: Four tiny li’l kittens trapped between two buildings were rescued by the same crack team that saved Molly the Cat in the Village back in 2006. And yes, cuteness whores, there are pictures! [Queens Crap]
Brooklyn Heights: Look at these funky “arrows of light” they installed to guide you to the Brooklyn Bridge walkway under the dank overpass. Not to mention this new tourist guide to the BK for clueless Euros who’ve just walked the bridge from Manhattan. [McBrooklyn]
East Village: An anonymous donor has given $20 mil to restore and basically save long-endangered cause célèbre St. Brigid’s Church on Avenue B. And can we also just say, how awesome is this Frank O’Hara poem about the church? [Vanishing NY]

Flatiron: Dutch rock-star architect Rem Koolhaas (the Prada store!) is moving his office here and designing a condo tower with “zigzag units” on Madison Square Park. [Curbed]
Manhattan Beach: If you go to Kingsborough Community College way out here in Brooklyn, you will have your own beach! But if you go for a dip during the school year, you’ll get in trouble. [NYT]
Randalls Island: A judge says that the city can continue building ball fields here, though she previously nixed the deal in which a bunch of private schools would pay for the work to gain prime access to the fields. So now, to quote Curbed, “Who’s paying? Unclear.” [Curbed]
Prospect Heights: Developer Bruce Ratner is looking for a tenant to rename Miss Brooklyn now that the Gehry-designed centerpiece of the Atlantic Yards project has been shrunk back and redesigned. Guess that working title “B1” isn’t lyrical enough. [No Land Grab]

Follow the Arrows of Light to the Brooklyn Bridge (or, Um, Get Lost and Mugged)