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MTA Mole Mugger Caught!


Photo: Getty Images

NY1 reports that the mysterious purse snatcher that has been plaguing subway platforms in recent weeks has been busted. Yesterday police arrested suspect Mark McIntosh and charged him with grand larceny, robbery, and resisting arrest. “I’m sorry for what I did. I apologize deeply,” McIntosh said after getting cuffed near Union Square. The 25-year-old’s alleged strategy was to steal purses on subway platforms (in Manhattan and Brooklyn) and then disappear onto the subway tracks to evade pursuit. Police say this may have worked up to six times before his arrest. At last! We can once again commute in peace!

Oh, wait. We’ve never commuted in peace. Alas.

Suspect In Subway Chain Robberies Arrested [NY1]
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MTA Mole Mugger Caught!