New DolceGoldin Media Firm to Strategize for Denny Farrell, Emily Brill

Emily Brill

Emily Brill, strategizing.Photo: Patrick McMullan

This morning the Post and WWD report that a new alliance has coalesced from the clouds of the print-publicity limbo. Former Star and Details editor Joe Dolce has teamed up with former NY1 anchor and MSNBC editorial director Davidson Goldin to form DolceGoldin, a media-strategy firm. There are all sorts of fun details about the founding of the company, including the role of their star client, novelist James Frey. Frey’s wife, Maya, introduced him to Goldin (an old college buddy) a while back, and in January Frey hired Goldin to handle the media strategy for his Bright Shiny Morning. Frey then introduced Goldin to Dolce and suggested they start a business, and presto! DolceGoldin! Of course, Gawker is having a field day with all of the incestuousness. But we have a feeling the snarky site will make even more hay of their client list. We’d heard that they’ll be working with former state Dem honcho and longtime Assembly member Herman “Denny” Farrell, who reportedly may run for City Council. But of more online significance, we’ve also heard they’ll be helping young media and social blogger Emily Brill with the branding and developing of her Website Essentially Emily. She’s not going anywhere, folks. Goldin, who also just signed on as a senior adviser at the Abernathy MacGregor Group, confirmed both clients to us this morning. WWD reports that their client base has been built “largely through word of mouth” and through swanky meetings at Soho House. Which reminds us, why are we still on the edit side of this damn industry?

James Frey Rewards His Saviors [Gawker]
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New DolceGoldin Media Firm to Strategize for Denny Farrell, Emily Brill