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New ‘Gossip Girl’ Blog Discovers Lost Artifacts of Brilliance

Until recently, we thought for sure that we were the only people on the Internet who devoted a demented amount of creative energy and thought into the television show Gossip Girl. Because we write about it so much on Daily Intel, we found ourselves actually caring about the people on the show, and trying to imagine what it would be like to be them. We got offended when they did something during an episode that seemed out of character. (Dan would never have bought Georgina’s line about “changing her name,” nor would he have not-slept with her so quickly!) We carried our debates about their drama out into our normal lives*.

But even we have not descended into the minds of the students of Constance Billard and St. Jude’s as much as the people who recently created the tumblr blog “all the sad young gossip girls.” We were directed to the site earlier today by Gawker (Richard, bless you, you’re adorable, but even you aren’t as devoted to the show as these people) and were actually astounded by the attention to detail in the few posts that are already up. Above you can see an imagined IM conversation between nascent gay Eric van der Woodsen and lacrosse player Asher Hornsby. It’s a toss-up whether that or the maudlin “found” letter from Nate to Blair is the most genius item on the site. Either way, if it keeps up, this blog promises to tide some of you freaks (okay, us freaks) over for the summer.

all the sad young gossip girls [Tumblr via Gawker]

*Apologies to Jessica’s straight husband for that, by the way. To Chris’s gay roommates, you know you eat that shit up.

New ‘Gossip Girl’ Blog Discovers Lost Artifacts of Brilliance