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New York Media Still Grieving Over Sue Simmons’s F-Bomb

Sue SImmons

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It is now day two of the Sue Simmons Swearing Scandal, and it appears that New York City has not yet recovered. Both the Times and Newsday report that when the beloved Channel 4 anchor said, “What the fuck are you doing?” live on air, she was joking to her longtime co-anchor Chuck Scarborough. It’s not clear what he did to deserve the outburst, but both outlets report that she thought the moment was for a taped promo, not a live one. Newsday goes on to speculate as to whether Simmons will be fired over the gaffe. Not to take too much of an editorial stance on this, but what?? Sue Simmons has been a beloved figure in New York for more than two decades. She’s been on the air for as long as many people can remember. She swore once in her 27-year career, after 10 p.m. no less, and they’re thinking she may get the boot? You have got to be kidding.

The Times was a little more squeamish about getting into a discussion of Simmons’s future, instead choosing to focus on the ol’ “hey, we all swear a lot these days, huh?” meme. And the Post? What was their take on the whole kerfuffle? That Sue Simmons is a drunk, obviously. She goes out for dinner between the afternoon and late-night broadcasts and has “a cocktail or two.” Which we thought was just under the disaster limit, but to the Post drinking that much apparently makes you a “SALTY SWILLER.” We have at least four drinks a night — what does that make us, then? Crapulent Chuggers? Eh, we’ll take that.

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New York Media Still Grieving Over Sue Simmons’s F-Bomb