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‘Times’ Gets Kinda Pervy in Miley Cyrus Article


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What do Manhattan schoolgirls — arguably the most precocious teens in the country — think about Miley Cyrus’s racy Vanity Fair photo shoot? To find out, the New York Times staked out the Upper West Side’s Beacon School on Wednesday, asking students for their thoughts on the scandal. Is the love affair over between teens and their fallen Disney princess? The answer: They’ve turned on Miley, who they have now anointed a “slut.” That’s unfortunate, because anyone who’s attended high school knows that, once the slut label has been applied, there’s no scrubbing that sucker off. In the course of “setting the scene,” the Times got a little descriptive when it came to the 15-year-olds they interviewed for the piece. Frankly, it got a little pervy at times.

Fifteen: It’s just the age at which a barely-there short skirt can be interpreted as a brazen come-on or a defiant assertion of innocence, as if the tenderness of the wearer’s age should protect her against the threat of voyeurism.

Okay, no more. Ew. Heebie-jeebies, anyone? We need to go shower now and not just because we’re filthy bloggers. —Noelle Hancock

Miley Cyrus, in the Eyes of Schoolgirls [NYT]

‘Times’ Gets Kinda Pervy in Miley Cyrus Article