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Oprah Has ‘Sex’ On the Show


Photo: Courtesy of New Line

When it comes to Sex and the City: The Movie, can the Oprah Winfrey screen it for her audience a month before it opens in theaters and expect no one to give away the ending? No way in hell. So when Sarah Jessica Parker and Co. visited The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah screened the movie for the audience but cut it twenty minutes before the ending. So wrong! Even with that, SJP made the audience stand up and repeat an oath not to reveal any secrets from the part of the movie they did see. “Just don’t give away the plot,” she begged. “You can brag, but you can’t blog.” Today’s show (pre-taped, obvs) was pretty much the love-in that you would expect (Oprah to SJP: “How adorable are you???”) But there was an enjoyably uncomfortable moment after Oprah asked Cynthia Nixon about overcoming breast cancer and then awkwardly segued to the subject of her gayness.

Oprah: Then you fell in love with a woman! Were you as shocked as we were?
Cynthia: I was pretty shocked, I have to tell you…But it kind of made my day.
Oprah: Well, I’m not going to belabor this point but I think this is the first time I’ve seen you since this happened. And I heard that you met Christine, you fell in love and it didn’t matter to you whether she was male or female.

Cynthia: It didn’t.

Oprah: How does that work?

Cynthia: [flashes naughty grin] You haven’t met my girlfriend.

All righty then! —Noelle Hancock

Oprah Has ‘Sex’ On the Show