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Overheard at the Midnight Screening of ‘Sex and the City’

Sex and the City movie

Mr. and Mrs. McDowell, who moved here because of Sex and the City.Photo: Vanita Salisbury

Is Sex and the City of interest only to a certain kind of woman and the gay man who shops with her? Pretty much! Three intrepid reporters went out to movie theaters across Manhattan last night to see just who was waiting in line for a midnight showing. We interviewed 74 fans and one poor man just in from Greece. Our findings: 43 women, 22 gay men, and 10 suckered straights, and one couple from Atlanta who considered SATC a prime impetus for moving here. (No, really: “It helped us move up here. It influenced our decision — seeing the lifestyle and just what goes on, the energy and everything,” said Susan McDowell.) The disturbing data is below*.

Females: 43
Males: 32

Gay Males: 22
Straight Males: 10

Sex and the City

“Are you guys here together?” “Um, good question.”

“My sister dragged me. She promised me an HDTV.”

Sex and the City

“I’m Carrie outside, but Samantha in bed.”
“I’m hard-core Miranda — pretty blunt and cynical?”
“Samantha. I’m very sexual.”
“Carrie. I wear my nameplate necklace in honor of her.”
“Carrie. She had to deal with quitting smoking forever.”
“A hybrid. I think most women are hybrids. Sometimes I slutty, sometimes I’m smart, sometimes I’m conservative.”
“I’m smarter than Carrie, but I’m not as lame as Miranda.”

Sex and the City

“None. I’ve got a wife.”

“The old one.”

Sex and the City

“I think Samantha? No, we’re too much alike — we’d be at each other’s throats.”

“I love Samantha because she’s a whore.”

“Charlotte, because I identify her with the buried Wasp deep within me, far beneath my hipster surface.”

Sex and the City

“Do you have a favorite scene? Would you like us to act it out?”

“I called my boyfriend when I couldn’t get tickets, and he was like, ‘Just call me when it’s over because I can’t talk to you right now.’”

“He watched it with his father.”

“She flew in from Ohio just to see this in New York.”

“I’ve been awake for two days. I had the option of going home and going to sleep but I can’t, because I have to see it.”

“I’m obsessed with having sex in the city: Lower East Side, Upper West Side, all over.”

Sex and the City defines every moment of my life.”

*Totals do not add up to 75 because all participants did not answer every question.

Reported by Randi Eichenbaum, Vanita Salisbury, and Katherine Ward

Overheard at the Midnight Screening of ‘Sex and the City’