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Paterson Strikes Again!


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Okay, David Paterson. It’s time we had a little talk. Your extramarital romps at seedy midtown motels we could forgive, even after you went into TMI territory by telling us you brought your wife to the same motel to bring the passion back. We let your pot smoking and cocaine experimenting and the fact that probably the one and only donation you made to charity last year was dropping off a bag of clothes Salvation Army — which you then wrote off — because, hey, we have done some of those things ourselves and thus cannot exactly pass judgment. But this latest bit of information, which the Sun is reporting today? This, we cannot forgive.

The governor of New York pays about $1,250 a month for a two-bedroom, rent-stabilized apartment in central Harlem, even while owning a home upstate in Guilderland and having unfettered access to the 40-room Governor’s Mansion in Albany.

See, it’s fine for you to be just like us. It’s another thing entirely for you to be just like us, but also have a way, way better deal on your apartment.

Paterson Pays A Stabilized Rate of Rent [NYS]

Paterson Strikes Again!