Penn Badgley: When Bad Waxing Happens to Good People

Penn Badgley Zit Ingrown Hair

Photo: WireImage, National Photo Group

To the left, you can see a picture of Penn Badgley from a TRL appearance earlier in January. In it, Badgley sports a well-trimmed crop of chest hair. Inset, you’ll see a photo that a photographer snapped of a hairless Badgley on vacation with Blake Lively on their recent lovey-dovey vacation in Mexico this month. What they’re up to at the moment isn’t particularly romantic, however. TMZ claims that Blake is popping a zit for Penn, but we know better. She’s clearly extracting a plugged up ingrown hair. Which is something that regular girlfriends across the country probably do everyone once in a while for their boyfriends. Except for regular people don’t have access to the best aestheticians and waxers in the business. Come on, Penn, you’re famous. Don’t go using that Sally Hansen home-application wax. And if you do, exfoliate for Pete’s sake.

Okay, okay, we’re sorry. Slow news day?

Zit Couple of the Moment? [TMZ]

Penn Badgley: When Bad Waxing Happens to Good People