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‘Post’ Projecting Own Foibles Onto Sue Simmons?

Post Cartoon


Today Channel 4 anchor Sue Simmons tells the Post that she was not drunk on the air when she dropped the F-bomb on Monday. The tabloid claimed that the popular New York news mainstay used to head to Gallaghers or Jean Georges between the 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. broadcasts and get tipsy. But today, she denies the story: “I haven’t had an alcoholic drink between shows for at least 15 years or more,” she says. “Not one word of [the Post story] is true.” The original tabloid tale was titled “SILLY SUE A SALTY SWILLER,” which is, admittedly, awesome. But today’s headline read: “SUE FUMES OVER NEWS OF BOOZE.” Not “Sue Denies Booze Story,” or something that indicates that it may have been wrong. She’s just mad about the fact that the Post figured it out, you see. Luckily, the tabloid’s eternally polite cartoonist Sean Delonas doesn’t let silly things like denials get in the way of his art. Above we see the insanely insulting evidence of his gusto. Apparently, not only is Sue Simmons a drunk, she’s also a smoker, maybe a gambler, and possibly a whore. And she cries when she drinks, which is the worst offense of all. If we were her, we’d pull a Col Allen and go over to the Post and kick some ass. Since when do they have the right to get all judgey over drinking during work hours?


‘Post’ Projecting Own Foibles Onto Sue Simmons?