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Prostie Provider Pleads Guilty


Photo: AP

Temeka Rachelle Lewis, the 32-year-old Clinton Hill resident who booked prostitutes for the Emperors Club and famously warned hooker “Kristin” against ex-governor Eliot Spitzer’s “dangerous” sexual preferences, pleaded guilty today to charges of prostitution and money laundering. By all accounts, Lewis seems like a pretty vanilla kind of gal. She was an honor student and a high-school cheerleader and a graduate of the University of Virginia. Old classmates and teachers describe her using words like intelligent, sweet, shy, and quiet. “I can’t remember her even getting a driving ticket,” an uncle told the Daily News yesterday. “It just don’t make any sense.” It’s true: Why would such a nice girl become so desperate for work she would turn to the seedy underbelly of brokering deals for low-rent Jersey-shore hookers? What could have possible gone wrong? The answer comes halfway down today’s Post story.

[Lewis was] an English major at the University of Virginia

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Prostie Provider Pleads Guilty