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Real-life Gossip Girl Roils the UES


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One of the major sticking points of our Gossip Girl reality index is that we know that if the Gossip Girl blog existed in real life, it would immediately be shut down by parents and teachers. Every week we try to deduct points for this, but then end up ignoring it because if the blog didn’t exist, then the show wouldn’t exist, and frankly then we’re not even sure we would exist, and — anyway. We were right. Apparently, a Gossip Girl–esque blog called Miss ITK (Miss In the Know) had briefly wrought havoc among eighth-graders at Dalton and other Upper East Side schools before being mysteriously shut down earlier this week, probably by school administrators. But there’s still a cached version! And here’s the thing: It’s good. “My dear butterflies,” Miss ITK greeted readers, before launching into “all that’s good, bad and scandalous in the lives of 2012’s socially elite.” 2012! We died.

Thanks to a couple of little birdies, I’m here with my second post. Snaps for ITK and her gossipers? I think so. So to answer a question asked, it’s official. Steven and Lucille are together, our very own Queen and King. Gone out? Of course. Hooked up? Most definitely. Gone all the way home? Only time will tell. Let’s just say these two lovebugs aren’t going to stop running when the ball is in the outfield, if you get my jist.

Right? It’s like a writer from the show went back to high school like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed and was reporting from the inside! The Sun today says that word on the street says that the kid running it (no one knows his or her name) was expelled. But hey, kid, if you’re out there and you still have your Internet privileges, take heart. You’ve surely got a job waiting for you out in Burbank.

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Real-life Gossip Girl Roils the UES