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Rikers Cancels Rapper Wedding After Groom Sneaks in Handcuff Key


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Incarcerated rapper Remy Ma’s jailside wedding was called off yesterday when her fiancé tried to smuggle a handcuff key into the nuptials. (Remy Ma faces up to 25 years for shooting a friend in the stomach last summer.) She was scheduled to marry fellow rapper Papoose on Rikers Island, until guards discovered Papoose’s contraband and kicked him off the premises before he even saw his betrothed. Now, Remy has to wait until she is up in the maximum-security Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women in Westchester County before she can try to tie the knot again. The Post reports:

Get out of my face,” Papoose snarled at a reporter yesterday as he returned to his Cadillac SUV in the jail’s parking lot.
“I don’t want to talk,” said the still-single “Mix Tape King,” who had worn his Sunday-best Yankee cap for the occasion.

You all write racist articles.”

You have to love (and by “love” we mean “roll your eyes at”) the Post, a publication for which the quotes “I don’t want to talk” and “Get out of my face” are considered worthy of inclusion in an article. Then they run his accusation that the newspaper is racist in tandem with the snide remark that he’d worn his “Sunday-best Yankee cap” to the wedding. Way to play against type, Posties! —Noelle Hancock

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Rikers Cancels Rapper Wedding After Groom Sneaks in Handcuff Key