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Roger Clemens’s Philandering: Now on Second!

Roger Clemens

This guy? Really?Photo: Getty Images

The Daily News is continuing in its quest to damage Roger Clemens’s reputation and thereby sabotage the pitcher’s defamation lawsuit against former trainer Brian McNamee. Today, we learn that country singer Mindy McCready may not have been the only long-running affair conducted by a married Clemens. The News reports that he also dallied for many years with Paulette Dean Daly, former wife of golfer John Daly. Paulette wouldn’t comment on the affair when reached by the tabloid (it allegedly occurred after her divorce), but apparently they met at a golf tournament in Palm Springs, after which Clemens began showering her with gifts and trips.

Now that the former Yankee’s public reputation is pretty much in the gutter, lawyers say he’ll have a hard time nailing McNamee (who is the source of all of the steroid allegations against Clemens) for defamation of character. But what we want to know is, how the heck did Clemens snag all these pretty blondes? We watched his congressional testimony. Dude is not a conversationalist.

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Roger Clemens’s Philandering: Now on Second!