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Rush Limbaugh Throws in the Towel on Operation Chaos


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Rush Limbaugh (the national equivalent of that annoying guy next to you on the airplane that won’t stop talking) has finally given up after months of pushing his nutty Operation Chaos plan. In case you weren’t listening — and we don’t blame you — Limbaugh has been encouraging superdelegates to Republicans to cross over and vote for Clinton to mess up the Democratic primary and help secure a win for McCain.

Time’s Mark Halperin reports that Limbaugh is now telling listeners to vote for Obama because he doesn’t think Barack has a chance anyway. “He will lose,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Wednesday. “He will lose big, and you supers know it … but go ahead. Go ahead and get in the tank for him.”

He then went on to advise Clinton not to drop out of the race. “You’ve come too far to quit,” he said. “Throughout your career, your marriage gave you successes you didn’t deserve. But this one, Mrs. Clinton, you do deserve.”

Thanks, Rush, for finally letting people go do their thing. The nation appreciates your efforts to, you know, undermine the entire American democratic process. You’re a true patriot. —Noelle Hancock

Rush Limbaugh Throws in the Towel on Operation Chaos