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Sean Bell Cops Face Internal NYPD Charges

Gary Napoli

Lieutenant Gary Napoli.Photo: Getty Images

Eight of the officers involved with the fracas outside of Club Kalua on November 25, 2006, that lead to the death of Sean Bell were slapped with citations from the NYPD today. Detectives Michael Oliver, Gescard Isnora, and Marc Cooper, who were all acquitted of criminal charges by a judge last month, will face internal disciplinary measures which could lead to loss of pay, suspension, or even dismissal. Also charged were Officers Michael Carey and Paul Haedley, who fired at the scene but were not included in the criminal case, and crime-scene detectives Huey McNeal and Robin Knapp. Lieutenant Gary Napoli (pictured) was cited for “failure of supervision for his oversight of the prostitution sting at Club Kalua that ended in the tragedy,” reports the Post. Though the charges had to be filed now to meet internal NYPD deadlines, Commissioner Ray Kelly said that he would wait until the Department of Justice completed its investigation into the shooting before moving further.


Sean Bell Cops Face Internal NYPD Charges