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The Girls Go Wild at the ‘Sex and the City’ Premiere

The angry mob.Photo: Getty Images

So as you may have heard, the Sex and the City premiere last night was way oversold, and the thousands of women who had paid for tickets, traveled great distances, starved themselves to fit into skimpy dresses, and crammed their feet into painful high heels were not happy about it. Anger and disappointment simmered within the crowd outside Radio City Music Hall, and for a moment it seemed like the crowd could burst aggressively forth, like the zombies in I Am Legend, only much better dressed. “The angry crowd surged against police barricades, cursing and stomping their Manolo Blahniks,” wrote a Daily News correspondent. But just when it seemed like things might soon get ugly, the tension evaporated: After all, a Sex and the City woman knows how to cope with disappointment and loss. “I guess we’ll drink a Cosmo now, or five,” shrugged fan Alisa Hoffman.

Fan Frenzy at Radio City [NYDN]

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The Girls Go Wild at the ‘Sex and the City’ Premiere