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Relive the Spitzer Scandal All Over Again on ‘Law & Order’

Eliot Spitzer

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Okay, we admit it: We’re dorkily looking forward to tomorrow night’s season finale of Law & Order, a dramatization of the Spitzer prostitution scandal which promises, in its thinly disguised awesomeness, to be almost as entertaining as the scandal itself. In it, a Spitzerian-looking governor, Donald Shalvoy, is caught over a wiretap setting up a tryst with a jiggly hooker from high-class prostitution ring called “Excaliber.” (“It’s for the guys who have big swords!” one of the cops quips awesomely, according to the Post.) Whether the hooker will subsequently procure a publicist and release a single we do not yet know (probably not: too unrealistic!), but we seriously hope the Law & Order writers are able to work in the black-socks detail. One person who won’t be turning in to find out is Silda Wall Spitzer, who will be making her first public appearance since the whole mess at the Children for Children benefit at Christie’s. Guess she’ll have to TiVo.

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Eliot, You’ll Get Hooked! [NYP]

Relive the Spitzer Scandal All Over Again on ‘Law & Order’