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Struggling Actor Robbed of Last ‘Sopranos’ Residuals

Ginger Kearns

Photo: MySpace

It’s hard to be a struggling actor in New York. Take poor 26-year-old actress Ginger Kearns, who was rather dramatically robbed recently. Ginger dutifully called it in to the Post, but apparently someone there decided that since her only real credit was a walk-on in the Sopranos, she wasn’t famous enough for “Page Six,” and instead, the news was relegated to the Crime Blotter. Three months later.

Ginger Kearns, 26, played a “pierced” girl in therapy with Lorraine Bracco’s “Dr. Melfi” character in the episode “Two Tonys.”
She told The Post she was with friends in Club Posh at West 51st Street and Ninth Avenue at 3:45 a.m. on March 7, when Paul Neal, 44, allegedly dipped his hand into her purse and swiped her wallet.
Using her Commerce Bank card, Neal quickly bought a bag of Doritos, chocolate marshmallow candy and a gift card at a Duane Reade, sources said.

We feel for Kearns, not just because her bit-part-actor status meant that she only gets a bit part in the Post, but because we know she’s probably still feeling awkwardly embarrassed that when the perp tried to use her card at the next place, it was totally maxed out. We’ve linked her MySpace below, wherein she notes she would like to meet directors and producers. Please, someone give this girl a part on Law & Order. She’s totally cute, and at the very least, she can probably play “robbed” pretty well.

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Struggling Actor Robbed of Last ‘Sopranos’ Residuals