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Sue Simmons Wants to Know What the F**k You Are Doing

When it comes to the local WNBC 4 news, we were always partial to anchor Sue Simmons. Like any good news matriarch, she was gentle but firm. You always got the sense that she was the one behind the counter really holding it together (’cause you know it ain’t Chuck Scarborough). That’s what makes what we are about to tell you so much more shocking. During last night’s airing of the show Medium, Sue did a promo for the 11 p.m. news. She was teasing a story about rising grocery-store prices when the footage laid over her voice switched from boxes of Cheerios and bread to a cruise ship. And, well, Sue wasn’t having it.

What the fuck are you doing?!” She blurted out.

Her apology has been posted on the WNBC Website, ingeniously wrapped around an advertisement (Dunkin’ Donuts iced-coffee day is May 15, FYI). There is also a comment board, on which many people have already been offering their thoughts on Sue’s gaffe. Our favorite is from HeeHee of New Orleans, who writes:

I live in Louisiana and saw the apology live on the newscast. I had to rewind my DVR to see what she was apologizing for … and it was a shocker! I worked in TV news for 9 years and nothing like that ever happened. very unprofessional … and yet, very awesome.

Indeed. —Noelle Hancock

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Sue Simmons Wants to Know What the F**k You Are Doing