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Surfer Savior Keeps Getting Sexier

Kevin Campion

Um, adorableness.Photo: Kevin’s Friendster Page

Remember last week, when we got all mad at Brooklynite Brian Jordan for stealing our sex rescue fantasy when he got saved from drowning by a mysterious, hot surfer dude? Well, the Daily News tracked down the anonymous hero, and it turns out he is just as adorable as we’d hoped! Through the magic of Friendster, they turned up this picture of Kevin Campion, a 30-year-old ship’s captain from Seattle. That’s right, a sexy surfer-sailor. He also plays guitar. What, is he a professional soccer player, too? Who is an Italian prince and owns a family island off of Sardinia? Who is smuggling a Louisville Slugger in his board shorts? COME ON. This is getting ridiculous. Through the News (and Friendster), we learn that Kevin has saved other lives in the past, and has sailed around the globe. And he’s not dating anyone. That’s right, ladies and gays. It’s time to start throwing yourselves into the choppy waters outside of Coney Island.* There’s a single, sexy surfer-sailor out there, and he’s not going to give mouth to mouth to himself.

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*Daily Intel does not actually encourage you to jump into dangerous ocean currents looking for rescue by Kevin Campion. Please do not do so. We don’t want the competition.

Surfer Savior Keeps Getting Sexier