Suze Orman: ‘Women Hurt Themselves’

Suze Orman

Photo: Getty Images

Suze Orman was on The View earlier today, worrying about Sherri Shepherd’s ill-fated efforts to sell her Los Angeles home. Her matronly concern reminded us of something she’d said the night before at the Gracie Allen Awards. She’s worried about women these days, you see. Her gender, according to the finance guru, is hurting its own cause. “I think women hurt themselves, because I think as women refuse to take their own power, and refuse to ask for what they’re worth, and hide behind being polite, there you go,” she said. This morning, after she left the ladies of The View, Sherri jumped on top of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and tackled her to the floor, breaking a chair. We’re not sure what it symbolized exactly, but it was poignant. Trust us. —Benjamin Proffer

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Suze Orman: ‘Women Hurt Themselves’