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Tears of Fashion

And when they cried they cried tears of fashion.Photo: Getty Images

Overheard outside the Sex and the City premiere.

Girl 1: Oh my God! Becky, tell me, tell me, how was it?
Girl 2: Ummmm … UH-’mazing.
Girl 1: Really?
Girl 2: Yes, I mean, God, I miss that show so much.
Girl 1: I know; me too. Did you cry?
Girl 2: So much. First, it was tears of joy, then it was tears of fashion.
Girl 1: Oh my God, tears of fashion? I think you totes just coined that phrase.
Girl 2: I totes did. Tears of fashion. The fashion was so good. I love fashion.

Girl 1: So was it so good? I mean, tell me, but don’t tell me. Did you see Big?
Girl 2: Big was there and all the girls and Regis. I called my mom and I was like, “I saw Regis.”
Girl 1: I’m so glad the movie was good. That show, that show, it was just, God. [Sigh.]
Girl 2: There were moments that just blew me away.
Girl 1: And how was Sarah Jessica?
Girl 2: UH-’mazing.
Girl 1: It makes me so mad what Maxim said about her.
Girl 2: I know. I don’t want to oversell it but…
Girl 1: I feel like I’m going to cry right now. Oh my God.
Girl 2: You’re going to cry.
Girl 1: I’m going to cry right now.
Girl 2 : Let’s all cry.

—Levi Fox

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Tears of Fashion