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The First ‘Sex and the City’ Reviews Are Out! And They Tell Us … Nothing!

Sex and the City

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No fair!! Somebody got to see the Sex and the City movie before us!! Sure, we probably would have just made fun of it, but still, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t have loved it. So upsetting. See, the Daily News and ran early, early reviews of the film today, both claiming to be the “first” to do so. We got all excited when we saw the headlines, but it turns out neither of them really tells us anything we don’t already know. “Costume designer/stylist Patricia Field fills every scene with enough labels to keep any fashionista salivating,” writes Colin Bertram in the News. “Me, I got lost during the first fashion montage of clothes that would have made Dynasty look modest,” adds’s Roger Friedman.

Both writers do tell us that Jennifer Hudson’s role as Louise, Carrie’s assistant, is bigger than we expected. And also, apparently Carrie has written three more books, like her real-life alter ego Candace Bushnell. Even America’s current economic woes are addressed, and the changes that the city has undergone. But who cares about all of that. If you can’t spoil it, can you at least tell us whether we are going to like it?

Just like any great night out with best friends, Sex and the City: The Movie is awash with so much love that it lingers long after the last cocktail runs dry,” Bertram tells us enigmatically, giving it four stars. “Women wept, cheered. It’s the Neiman Marcus catalog on steroids,” Friedman said of the screening where he saw it. “The four female stars — not to mention Chris Noth as Mr. Big, David Eigenberg as Steve, and Evan Handler as Harry — are the most appealing ensemble of the year.”

Will you respect us less if we admit we’re kind of excited?

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The First ‘Sex and the City’ Reviews Are Out! And They Tell Us … Nothing!