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John Koblin of the ‘Observer’ Is Probably Just Jealous

He wishes it was him.Photo illustration: Patrick McMullan (Koblin)

• The Observer’s John Koblin dissects the much-maligned cover shot of Emily Gould on the Times Magazine last week, in which the writer appeared “poured upside down onto a rumpled bed wearing a camisole, no bra, and a come hither look.” Was she exploited?, he asked. “I think she may have exploited herself,” sniffed former NYT cover girl Joyce Maynard. (Gould, for her part, thinks the commenter backlash to her story is more complicated than just “haters are jealous.”) [NYO]
• Meanwhile, this Sunday’s Times Magazine features another curvy cover girl, Tyra Banks. [WWD]
Elle magazine’s editor-in-chief Roberta Myers and creative director Joe Zee critique their appearances on Ugly Betty. [WWD]

• Fed chairman Ben Bernanke seems to have quieted his Wall Street critics. For now. [NYT]
• Did Wall Street investment banks packaging mortgages know that they were selling bad loans to investors? [NPR]
• An investment-banking summer-intern survival guide. [Mergers & Inquisitions]

• Did Scarlett Johansson buy a $2.1 million penthouse on East 53rd Street near Sutton Place? [NYO]
• The average price of a Brooklyn condo: $656,784. [Brownstoner]
• Countdown to Ikea! There are only 21 days left to the store opening that will change everything. [NYP]

• Former Baker & McKenzie partner Martin Weisberg has been indicted for a second time on new counts of wire fraud and money laundering. []
• Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal is the latest leading law firm to lay off staffers. [Above the Law]
• New York’s Dewey and LeBoeuf law firm is making its mark in Silicon Valley. []

John Koblin of the ‘Observer’ Is Probably Just Jealous