Tricia Walsh Smith Now Wants YOU to Pay Up, Too

Tricia Walsh Smith’s latest YouTube One rant begins with the text, “One more crazy day in the life of a phoenix rising from the ashes.” It is, shall we say, an appropriate introduction. At first the enraged, estranged wife of Shubert Organization president Philip Smith seems like she’s got her marbles more in order than in her previous two videos. She’s back in London in a rented flat (what happened to that tent she needed?), and she’s wearing a shirt that says “YOU CAN’T BREAK MY SPIRIT.” She seems pretty settled — at least until she complains that she’s had to delay a benefit for her substance-abuse charity. “Those addicts will have to keep snorting shooting and boozing,” she says. “Because help is no longer on the way.” That’s right, Trish! Encourage them!

Tricia goes on to frame her own struggle in the larger context of women’s liberation. “This isn’t just about me!” she cries. Men are “threatened” by her power, she claims, and ladies everywhere have been e-mailing her saying, “Start a women’s movement! Start a PayPal account!”

Wait, what? A PayPal account? All of this is about getting money?

Apparently so. Tricia even gives an e-mail address where you can start sending funds. “Women of the world,” she says with heavy seriousness, “if I win, you win.”

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Tricia Walsh Smith Now Wants YOU to Pay Up, Too