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Tricia Walsh-Smith to Move to ‘Real Housewives’?


Man, she belongs on that show.Photo: Getty Images

Tricia Walsh-Smith, the scorned wife of theater mogul Philip Smith, has been posting YouTube videos railing against her estranged husband’s attempts to kick her out of their Park Avenue apartment. She’s even threatened to move into a tent! Now it looks like the Internet sensation may be moving after all … to television. According to the Daily News, producers for Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City reportedly want to bring her special brand of crazy to the show’s next season.

They’re approaching Trisha for the second season,” our source says. “Nothing has been confirmed yet, but they think she would make a great addition to the show.”

Officially, Bravo reps say, “As for Season 2, we’ve announced we’ve been picking it up, but no other decisions have been made so far concerning cast.”

Never mind that she’s been served with divorce papers and is not technically a “housewife” anymore. Come to think of it, we never really understood how the unmarried Bethenny managed to sneak her way in there either. —Noelle Hancock

All Set for ‘Louse-wives of New York’ [NYDN]

Tricia Walsh-Smith to Move to ‘Real Housewives’?