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Uma Testifies, Calls Stalker ‘Scary’


Photo: AP

We continue to feel for poor Uma Thurman, who testified in Manhattan State Supreme Court today against her accused stalker. While on the stand, she recounted the 2005 encounter in which Jack Jordan crashed her movie set and tried to get into her trailer to deliver a card to the actress. He was stopped by an assistant who handed over the card, featuring a picture of an open grave and a man standing on the edge of a razor blade. (Jesus, who makes that card — Hallmark “Terrifying Greetings”?)

I was completely freaked out. It was like a nightmare. It was scary,” she told the court.

Thurman also said that when she told her family about the incident, Thurman’s father revealed that he had gotten e-mail messages from Jordan, and that Jordan had also communicated with the actress’s mother and brother.

I felt a stone drop in my stomach,” said the actress. “The idea that this had a history made it even more terrifying.”

Jordan reportedly sat staring straight ahead or casting his eyes down during Thurman’s testimony. She did not look at him while she testified, though her hands occasionally shook and her voice broke when she was asked a question about her children. also notes that she was “not wearing any makeup.” So you know it’s bad! —Noelle Hancock

Uma Testifies on Stalker ‘Nightmare’ [People]

Uma Testifies, Calls Stalker ‘Scary’