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Uma Thurman’s Stalker Found Guilty on All Charges


Photo: AP

Jack Jordan, the man accused of stalking Uma Thurman, has been found guilty on charges of stalking and aggravated harassment. He now faces up to a year in jail. The trial lasted a week and featured testimony from the actress as well as her parents and brother. Thurman told the court that the situation with Jordan was “like a nightmare.”

In closing arguments, Jordan’s lawyer tried to paint a picture of a shy, eccentric man who had merely developed a crush on a movie star. “Think about your lives and what you have done in your lives in the name of love,” the defense attorney, George Vomvolakis, urged the jury. “Think about the stupid things you have done.” Meanwhile, lead prosecutor Jessica Taub tried to paint a more sinister portrait of Jordan’s behavior, which included showing up at the actress’ house and her movie set and sending a series of bizarre cards and e-mails. “He wanted to be with Uma Thurman, and he would not take no for an answer,” Taub said.

Jordan is an out-of-work lifeguard who was living in his car at the time of his arrest last year. However, last night the New York Post caught him sleeping on the street. —Noelle Hancock

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Uma Thurman’s Stalker Found Guilty on All Charges