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Uma’s Stalker Swears He’s One of Those Nice Stalkers


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Uma Thurman’s accused stalker, Jack Jordan, took the stand today to defend himself against charges of stalking and aggravated harassment. He explained that when he sent the actress photos of headless brides and showed up at her movie sets and her home and sent scary e-mails to her and her family, it was out of love!

I was not trying to scare her in any way,” Jordan told the court.

On Thursday, Thurman described a disturbing card that Jordan delivered by hand to her trailer when she was making a movie in Soho. The card showed a drawing of an open grave, a headstone, a man standing on the edge of a razor blade, and the words “chocolate, mouth, soft, kissing.” It read, “My hands should be on your body at all times.” Thurman testified that pieces of paper fluttered out when she opened the card, one of which was a picture of a bride with her head torn off. Also, it was a religious confirmation card.

Jordan claims that he was simply trying to put his feelings to paper. “I felt I was walking the razor’s edge,” he said. “This cartoon was meant to amuse her, to endear me to her.”

Well, as you can imagine, that didn’t happen. “I was completely freaked out,” Thurman told the court yesterday. “It was almost like a nightmare; it was scary.”

Thurman also revealed that Jordan sent her e-mails in which he discussed her ex-husband, Ethan Hawke, and their children. “You have no children,” one of the notes said, referring to her two kids as an “illusion.”

According to the Associated Press, Jordan said that he has been “humiliated” by the trial. “In a misguided way, I was trying to give her an opportunity to meet me and give myself an opportunity to meet her,” he said.

So how did that work out for you, Jack? —Noelle Hancock

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Uma’s Stalker Swears He’s One of Those Nice Stalkers