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‘Us Weekly’ Respects the Celebrities Smart Enough to Avoid Them


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It’s a time-honored question: How do celebrity magazines choose which celebrities to stalk until they are batshit out of their minds, and which celebrities to just leave be? Why is Ben Affleck followed by paparazzi every time he goes to Starbucks, but Christian Bale is left basically alone? And Matt Damon, for that matter? Today, Us Weekly photo editor Peter Grossman explains the laws of the celebrity-journalism jungle to ABC News.

The thing is, there are some celebrities that absolutely get it,” Grossman said. “One of my favorite celebrities is Matt Damon. He’s smart enough to not live in certain parts of Los Angeles and to not go in places where celebrities are always having their picture taken and he didn’t marry another celebrity and he’s the kind of person that has it all. You can look at him and say it is possible.”

So we guess what he’s saying is it really is like animals: There are celebrities tabloid editors like, and celebrities they … eat.

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‘Us Weekly’ Respects the Celebrities Smart Enough to Avoid Them