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Vito Fossella Adds ‘Mystery Woman’ to His List of Problems

Vito Fossella

Those chapped lips! The weird side cowlick!Photo: Courtesy of the Alexandria, Virgina, sheriff’s

We’ve been a bit hesitant to post this mug shot of Congressman Vito Fossella, taken after he was arrested for drunk driving on Thursday, because it’s not one of those funny mug shots where you can kind of tell the drunk (or stoned) celebrity (or politician) is in on the joke. Like Matthew McConaughey’s, for example, or Nicole Richie’s and Kimora Lee Simmons’s. In this picture, you can tell that it’s just sort of penetrated Fossella’s haze that something really bad is happening, but he can’t quite tell how bad it is yet. He probably doesn’t even yet realize that the call he’s just made from lockup, his first and only call for help, will draw even more scrutiny as time passes by. Fossella didn’t call his chief of staff, who lives in Virginia near where he was arrested. Nor did he call his wife, who was back home in Staten Island. Instead, the Daily News reports that he called former Air Force lieutenant colonel Laura Fay, a pretty blonde who met Fossella several years ago when she was a congressional liaison. Fay came and picked him up and gave him a ride home. Aides for Fossella said the two are just old pals, but now she’s been officially branded the “mystery woman” by the Daily News. We think that might be a little hysterical. Look at the guy! There’s no way he was getting laid that night.

Vito Fossella’s relationship with ‘mystery woman’ under scrutiny [NYDN]

Vito Fossella Adds ‘Mystery Woman’ to His List of Problems