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Vito Fossella: Up, Down, and On the Pot

Vito Fossella

He just read the News.Photo: Getty Images

What’s up with Vito Fossella these days? Well, it depends on which New York City newspaper you read. According to the Post this morning, Staten Island Republicans are staunchly behind the congressman, anticipating that he will run again and win in the fall. But the Times today ran a “Metro”-section cover story explaining that, in fact, “Signs Fossella May Run Again Unnerve G.O.P.” (Emphasis ours.) Staten Island GOP granddaddy Guy Molinari says he thinks Fossella might be able to win reelection, but that it “would take an all-out effort and a substantial amount of money.”

So where does the Daily News stand on all of this? They don’t weigh in on the likelihood of Vito’s candidacy. Instead, they spend today visualizing what his toilet will be like if he ends up going to prison. Now that is the kind of tabloid coverage we’ve been waiting for.

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Vito Fossella: Up, Down, and On the Pot