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Vito Moves In Over Sister’s Garage, Becomes ‘That Relative’

Vito Fossella

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Remember when Rudy Giuliani got kicked out of Gracie Mansion by his ex-wife Donna Hanover after his affair with current wife Judith Nathan came to light? It was an amazing moment, not just because the mayor was kicked out of the mansion that is, you know, operated as a place for mayors to live. No, it was amazing because he moved in to sleep on the couch of his two gay friends for a while. It was a quintessential Manhattan moment — come on! The gays have the most comfortable couches! With cute Boston Terrier puppies to wake you up with kisses in the morning, and no kids to watch Yo Gabba Gabba when you’re trying to catch The View from bed. Well, today we apparently learn what the Staten Island version of that moment is: Vito Fossella, the sex-and-alcohol-and-paternity-scandalized congressman, has been kicked out of the house where his wife, Mary Pat, and their three kids live. Where’s he living? In the tiny spare apartment over his sister’s garage. Not quite as glamorous as a Jonathan Adler–stuffed luxury loft apartment, like Rudy’s hideaway, but hey, it has its own staircase to get in and out. He can have chicks over! (Or, as Vito calls them, “baby mamas.”) Rudy’s gays would have never stood for that. They get makeup all over the West Elm bathroom sinks!

Vito Fossella Camps Out Over Garage [NYDN]

Vito Moves In Over Sister’s Garage, Becomes ‘That Relative’